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Russia, 105064, Moscow, Basmanny tupik, 6A
Tel./fax: (495) 987-11-01
Email : info@mptp.ru
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Dear Customers!

Our institute on a mutually beneficial basis and to the highest standards will fulfill any of your orders for research and design work including construction of new facilities, civil engineering facilities reconstruction (PCP and large-panel structural block factories, repair shops, special vehicle shops, truck shops etc.), housing, public buildings and facilities; access roads (either rail or motor) to industrial facilities, bridges, viaducts etc., artificial structures and facilities; rail and automotive transportation system facilities (rail stations, locomotive and car depots etc.), utility system facilities (power, heat, gas and water supply, sewage), boiler stations and water and sewage treatment plants, settlements, residential areas and stand alone buildings; preparing company ecological passports and design package sections related to environmental impacts, providing information services in the field of research and design work.
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