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The main line of PAO Mospromtransproject business include research and design activities aimed for construction of new facilities, as well as the renovation, expansion, modernization and major repairs of existing facilities:
  • industrial, civil, housing and social facilities;
  • facilities related to civil engineering and construction of transportation facilities;
  • rail and automotive transportation facilities, including systems of communications and rail switch auto block and centralization systems;
  • natural gas supply and gas line systems, power lines and transformer substations at industrial facilities and in residential areas;
  • industrial and heating boiler stations, heat supply mains;
  • prefabricated concrete item and metal structure works for civil construction, as well as railroad electrification solutions;
  • agricultural facilities;
  • machine building facilities;
  • performing survey and research work for civil construction;
  • acting in the capacity of a Chief Designer;
  • preparing design sections related to environmental impacts, civil defense, emergency situation response, fire and fire/security alarm systems, preparing project design/estimation packages;
  • Preparing investment projects and project technical and economic justifications.
home projects license structure contacts